Femoroacetabular impigement - conservative therapy

Femoroacetabular impigement - conservative therapy

Femoroacetabular impigement (FAI) is a condition where extra bone grows on the hip joint, either on femur or on the socket joint of the pelvis. During movement, the impigement produces pain in the hip and consequently decreased range of motion, swelling and muscle atrophy. Very often the cause is irregular bone growth during childhood.

Most often simptoms are:

  • pain in the hip and groin area
  • stiffness
  • limping walk

Pain is reflected in groin and hip area while doing squat, rotation, twisting. The pain can be sharp or continuous.

There are three types of FAI:​

  • Pincer. This type of impingement occurs because extra bone extends out over the normal rim of the acetabulum. The labrum can be crushed under the prominent rim of the acetabulum.
  • Cam. In cam impingement the femoral head is not round and cannot rotate smoothly inside the acetabulum. A bump forms on the edge of the femoral head that grinds the cartilage inside the acetabulum.
  • Combined. Combined impingement just means that both the pincer and cam types are present.


There are two types of treatment. First one is conservative treatment which involves strenghtening muscles of the hip, core and lower extremities without producing pain, mobility and stretching exercises for specific muscles. The second solution is operative treatment which is succesful only if there is a rehabilitation protocol which involves reducing pain and swelling, regaining range of motion and strenghtening of the muscles.


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Program duration is 45 days. If you start today on 19.05.2024., the completion of the rehabilitation program will be on 03.07.2024.


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