1. What does Videoreha platform offers?

More than 100 programs of physical rehabilitation, that are intended for use after surgeries and conservative treatment of diseases and injuries of skeleton-muscular system, are collected on our site.

All programs are developed by an experienced team of doctors who have great practical experience in the treatment of sports trauma and orthopedic diseases.

VIDEOREHA platform design allows you to find the right program for a traumatized site or diagnosis. Each program consists of detailed video tutorials, which show and describe the correct exercise. In other words, you get a full rehab program from day one to full recovery.

  1. Why do I need this site, if there are a lot of different free exercises and rehab protocols for the majority of diseases on the Internet?

There are enough videos and recommendations on physical rehabilitation іn different websites after surgical treatment with the author's point of view. You can see a list of recommendations for your injury, but it is always a challenge to consider how to perform exercises, how much time is required for healing and what amount of loading/weight bearing is allowed in this period.

VIDEOREHA programs are divided into phases and have the required recovery time, that is important for healing, in order not to get complications.

3. What are your programs different from rehab in a specialized clinic/center?

  1. High efficiency and comfort.
  2. Low cost per course of treatment.
  3. All programs have been tested and approved by surgeons and specialists from the Croatian rehabilitation centers.
  4. You can start recovery from VIDEOREHA without leaving home. By registering and choosing the required program, you can start classes right away.
  5. The program of physical rehabilitation is built with the principle of "minimal devices needed" - this means that you do not need special equipment, but you’ll get enough tips for doing exercises.


  1. I know English, so I can easily find everything I need for recovering. What do VIDEOREHA offer?

Undoubtedly, there are many recommendations from the world of rehabilitation and orthopedics in the Internet.

VIDEOREHA rehabilitation programs are based on world experience, taking into account the results of research conducted by leading physiotherapists. Each application includes the most effective recovery techniques - get everything in one place. All exercises were agreed by surgeons, rehabilitation specialists and, after volunteer testing, introduced into the rehabilitation protocols of several European clinics.

  1. Can your program completely replace rehab in a specialized center?

In most of cases - yes. Well-structured VIDEOREHA exercises with a step-by-step increase of movements and loading have the best effect if previous exercise is a warm-up for the next one. Physical rehab has the best results in highly motivated patients, because it requires effort from the patient, not the rehab specialist.

  1. Do I need to use your program if I already have massage and electrical procedures?

Massage and electrical procedures are auxiliary treatment methods for recovery, not basic ones. We do not reject these methods, moreover, most of VIDEOREHA programs have recommendations on the use of massage and electrical procedures.

  1. I have a tense schedule, why do I have to waste my time for this new concept?

This is because of the lack of free time we recommend VIDEOREHA. You will save time and money every day with professionally compiled program VIDEOREHA.

Firstly – you save driving time to rehab center, it is possible to start rehab any time of the day, no weekends;

secondly – you save money (the full cost of the program is 10-20 times less in comparison with the course of treatment at the specialized center);

thirdly – you do not waste time searching for free online instructions.

  1. Where and when should I go? What tools do I need for rehab?

VIDEOREHA is your virtual gym with a set of all necessary exercises for home use that requires a minimum of special equipment. That is, having access to the Internet, you can perform exercises at any time and anywhere - at home, at the gym, in the hospital ward or at the rehabilitation center.

  1. When do I start rehab under your programs, what will I do during the first weeks after surgery?

Programs have been modeled with "fast track recovery" principles, so they can be started from the first day after surgery, if this is not forbidden by your surgeon. During the first two weeks after injury or surgery our exercises help reduce edema in the injuried site;

the first painless movements of neighboring joints are indicated. During this period, we provide enough videos with recommendations for the correct position of the limb and trunk;

videos show acceptable movements with lymphatic drainage effect;

videos compile a set of physical exercises and manipulations that will prepare the muscles for recovery and prevent their atrophy.

  1. Is all the same recovery program fit?

Once again, we want to emphasize that the programs have been built on the principles of "no harm" and "fast track recovery", so they can be used by people with low physical activity, as well as professional athletes in a combined recovery program.

How to select a proper rehabilitation program when there are similar programs to choose from?

The choice of rehabilitation program primarily depends upon a diagnosis the patient/user recieves from their doctor or orthopaedist. It is preferable that before purchasing any program you have a correctly defined diagnosis so that a proper program can be implemented and the patients could get the best and fastest results in their recovery. When choosing a program you can also seek assistance from our experts here at Videoreha and according to the characteristics of your injury they will either advise you on which program would  be best suited for you or they can also decide to create an individual program strictly for your use.