Кіфотична постава

Кіфотична постава


Cervico-brachial pain syndrome is a combination of symptoms that encompasses neck pain, shoulder, arms and occasionaly head pain. Pain happens due to degenerative changes on intervertebral discs or cervical vertebrae itself. The discs bulge out and put pressure on nerves or blood vessels in the area near them and by doing that they cause many problems.

There is an array of symptoms that can manifest as a part of this syndrome, the most often ones are, pain, weakness and stiffness in the neck shoulder and upper arms region, tingling in the neck, arms or fingers, loss of feeling in hands or fingers, feeling of crinkling in the ears, decreased circulation to arms, hands and fingers, headaches, chest pain, itd. Pain can be of varying intensity and it can be of cronic nature.

The cause for this syndrome is incorrect sitting, reading, lying patterns, bad pillows, disbalance betwen strenght of front and back of the shoulder muscles, sedentary way of life, spine deformations (kyphotic bad posture), itd.

Symptoms can be relieved with massage and stretching of stiffened neck, shoulder and upper arm muscles and by using pain relief medication, but a longterm solution requires a change and correction in posture and an exercise program of strenghtening the weak subscapular muscles.

Prevention: education on proper posture while reading and sitting during longer periods. Use of simple and short mobiloity and subscapular strenghtening exercises during long periods of sitting or standing, avoiding a sedentary way of life, regular physical activity, choosing a proper pillow, etc.



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