The Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Croatia regulates the protection of personal data of individuals and the supervision over the collecting, processing and use of personal data in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of protecting private lives and other human rights and fundamental freedoms while collecting, processing and using their personal data. Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council for the protection of individuals with regard to the process- ing of personal data and the free movement of such data (General Dana Protection Regulation - GDPR) further laid down the principles and rules for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data and we, as members of the European Union, are fully binding by these rules and principles upon the beginning of its application on 25 May 2018.
By submitting your personal data (hereinafter: Your Data) and by signing this Consent, you acknowledge that you have been notified of the following facts and that you give consent to the processing and use of your information.

Whom do you give consent to?

To website (hereinafter referred to as Processing Manager) and to any other company hired by the Processing Manager for the purpose of performing auxiliary data processing activities, and to any public authority bodies that the Processing Manager is binded to submit the business data on the basis of a contract or obligation arising out of the mandatory regulations that apply to the Processing Manager.
For what purpose do you give consent?
Your data will be used for the purpose of managing relationships, informing public administration bodies, advertising, and providing information about our services.

How is your data protected?

Your personal data is protected by the Processing Manager as a business secret: all persons who have access to this data, regardless of whether they are authorized by the Processing Manager and / or are the companies hired by the Processing Manager, are specifically committed to preserve the confidentiality of the data. In addition to that, the right of access to your data is limited to authorized Processing Manager personnel and only to the extent that it is necessary to carry out their busi- ness activities, whereby the most up-to-date organizational, personnel and technical measures of data protection against unauthorized access are applied at all levels of business which includes, but is not limited to, pseudonymization and crypto- logic security of all data during its storage and transmission through the IT and telecommunication systems, use of security logging mechanisms using user names and passwords on all input and processing levels, 24-hour video surveillance of business premises where computer, telecommunication and other IT equipment required for operation, recovery and testing of the system are located, as well as for storage of all data available in print and / or portable information media in protected access rooms and facilities.

What are your rights?

You give this Consent voluntarily, unequivocally and fully informed. The Consent is signed in 2 copies of which 1 copy is retained by the Processing Manager and 1 copy is for your safekeeping.
This Consent includes all subsequent changes due to the statutory duty of updating the personal data for which the Processing Manager has learned of while performing his / her activities and is entitled to the following circumstances: revocation of the Consent and / or termination of processing due to the fulfillment of the purpose for which the Consent had been given and / or termination processing based on the decision of the state authority responsible for supervising the processing of personal data. In all of these cases, your data will be deleted and its processing will be stopped.
The data subject has the right at any time to withdraw his /her Consent. Consent’s withdrawal affects the legitimacy of process- ing your personal information based on the Consent prior to its withdrawal. The withdrawal of the Consent must be handed in writing, clearly and unequivocally, addressed to the Processing Manager’s address.
The Processing Manager guarantees to the data subject that his/her personal data will be used solely for the purpose pre- scribed above, and only to the extent that is necessary.
The data subject has the right to access his / her personal data and processing information. (Right to access)
The data subject has the right, without unnecessary delay, to obtain from the Processing Manager the correction of the in- correct personal data relating to him/her. (Right to a correction)
The data subject has the right to obtain from the Processing Manager the deletion of the personal data relating thereto pur- suant to the Regulation. (Right to be forgotten)
The data subject, in accordance with the Regulation, also has the right to limit the processing, the obligation to report on correction, deletion or limitation of processing, the right to transferability of the data and the right to complain and to the automated individual decision-making.