LIPOGEMS - Knee Rehabilitation Protocol

LIPOGEMS - Knee Rehabilitation Protocol

This protocol is designed for nonathlete and older population. It is expected that patients can perform rehabilitation exercise at least 5 days a week.

The protocol should best be started within first week after microfragmented fat tissue transplantation. The pain and haemathoma at the abdominal region (or other donor site for fat tissue) should be diminshed in order to allow for the activity.

The moment our growth stops cartilage tissue quality diminishes with age. Especially in athletic population cartilage is exposed to heavy loads that produce strain in the tissue. Cartilage damage is triggered by the deterioration of the  tissue extracellular matrix. Treatment of  knee cartilage with microfragented fat tissue is an minimally invasive procedure. Thus, inflammation caused at the donor site (e.g. abdomen) and recepient site (knees) has to be diminshed within first few days. If the pain is present than the prescribed medication has to be taken.

Rehabilitation lasts 42 days after the procedure because it supports the biology of the healing process. Index knee (or knees) should be spared of intensive activities such as running, heavy weight lifting or similar during  first two months after the procedure. Special attention should be given to knee flexion development. Knee flexion should be regained very carefully and gradually, because it exposes knee cartilage to various type of loads (compressive and shear forces) .

In the acute phase we use RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to reduce swelling and pain and later in the functional phase knee range of motion should be restored fully.  Upper leg muscle strength and knee stability have to be restored in order to ensure full functionality of the joint. Strengthening and stability exercises practiced throughout this protocol should be continued even after the rehabilitation protocol expires in order to prolong knee functionality.


42 days

Program duration is 42 days. If you start today on 01.06.2020., the completion of the rehabilitation program will be on 13.07.2020.


US $40.00

Total price is US $40.00 or US $0.95 per program day