Patella chondromalation

Patella chondromalation

Chondromalation is a process of joint cartilage degeneration which can with time lead to degenerative changes in other structures of the knee and its joint capsule, bones, ligaments and cause pain and limitations in the joint mobility. In this case we are reffering to patella chondromalation.

Causes for these cartilage changes can be many, the aging process, being overweight, foot or knee deformations (varus or valgus foot/knee position), excesive and incorrectly used physical activity, falls and blows to the knee which impact the cartilage,  knee overuse syndromes, hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, etc.

There can be primary or secondary arthrosis, or in this case gonarthrosis. Primary arthrosis are the ones where the load is normal and the causes leading to degenerative changes are unknown, idiopatic. Secondary arthrosis of the cartilage are cause by overloading the knee, acute injuries, congenital cartilage anomalies, inflammation, metabolic or hormonal disorders, etc.

Symptoms which occur are pain during certain movements which can with time and progression of cartilage and join capsule damage increase and last longer until it becomes constant. Cartilage damage has 4 stages, from first where the damage is very small and pain occurs only during some movements to the fourth stage where there is no cartilage left, the bones are completely naked, bone edema is present, pain is constatnt and there are crepitations in the knee with each movement made in it. Knee swelling can be seen, instability and knee buckling can be experienced and there can also be knee mobility limitations present due to extensive damage in the joint.

Treatment can be done conservatively or surgically, with younger, more physically active population a surgical approach can be suggested if they already have a high level of cartilage damage to ensure preserve knee functionality through time. Older population usually goes through conservative treatment. It should be stated that cartilage damages are irreversible, ie. cartilage can not heal or be repeired on its own, it can only be replaced and its further damaging can be slowed down or stopped. Rehabilitation is in both cases aimed at securing full range of motion in the knee joint, strenghtening all upper leg muscles so that these active stabilizers could take on more loads and relieve the cartilage. Knee stability exercises should also be used in the process to secure knee functionality.

Prevention: proper and timely treatment of earlier knee joint injuries/damages, using preventive upper leg muscles strenghtening and knee stability exercises with population which has a bigger risk of obtaining cartilage damage (athletes, elderly), etc.


30 days

Program duration is 30 days. If you start today on 19.01.2022., the completion of the rehabilitation program will be on 18.02.2022.


US $40.00

Total price is US $40.00 or US $1.33 per program day