Hip arthrosis (Cox arthrosis)

Hip arthrosis (Cox arthrosis)

Arthrosis of the hip (coxarthrosis) is a chronic disease that occurs as a consequence of long-term relations of biomechanical disorders in the joint`s function. It is incurable and usually progresses over time. Considering the fact that the disease is not just characterized by articular cartilage damage with the expansion of changes to the bones that she covers, but also with a presence of muscular system disturbances accompanied by muscles atrophy induced by the pain occurring during movement of such a joint, therapy must include both systems.

Surgery and classical physical therapy methods are tending to reduce symptoms such as pain and swelling of joints, but they do not improve the mobility. The most important part of physical therapy is kinesitherapy (relieving exercises) that improves mobility of joints, stimulates cartilage regeneration processes, strengthens muscles and increases the stability of the joints in order to reduce the burden on the already damaged cartilage, and protect healthy portion of cartilage from further deterioration.

Beside postoperative rehabilitation, and rehabilitation of those patients who are suffering of moderate symptoms and surgery is not yet needed, kinesitherapy is also performed preoperatively. The goal of exercise is to achieve a maximum muscle strength which is necessary for stabilization of operatively treated joint or endoprothesis, and thereby enabling the patient`s quickest possible recovery after surgery. Physical training can be very painful for patients with arthrosis. It is therefore very important that the patient performs exercises thatare designed and approved by experts, to avoid excessive load of the hip and further deterioration.




45 days

Program duration is 45 days. If you start today on 03.06.2023., the completion of the rehabilitation program will be on 18.07.2023.


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