Quality, easy and affordable rehabilitation

Videoreha is bringing an inovative new way of going through rehabilitation. Having an injury or any other kind of problem with your locomotor apparatus is very debilitating. Having to visit doctors and getting a great deal of information brings more stress to an already very stressfull situation. Rehabilitation is the key part of your post injury / post surgery healing process; the right kind can ensure your healing to be as fast and as successful as possible, but it is often very hard to find a quality and affordable solution for your rehabilitation.

Videoreha changes all that with the way we approach rehabilitation and with the inovation we bring. Videoreha offers more than 100 different rehabilitation programs that encompass all parts of the human body and were developed in a synergy of experts from orthopaedics, physical therapy and kinesitherapy with each program containing video examples of all the therapeutical procedures in it. Our programs are progressive and they offer a combination of different physical therapy and kinesitherapy methods ensuring the best possible healing process.

The thing that makes Videoreha the perfect rehabilitation solution is that you can easily use it from home. The only thing you need is either a laptop/computer, tablet or smart phone and access to internet so you can start your rehabilitation process and soon you will be well on your way toward being fully healthy and functional again.

Your health is our motivation!

Videoreha team